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Our equipment gives us the ability to cover frequencies from 5 KHz up to over 25 GHz. This includes room and camera devices, optical, light to light, microwave, infrared and laser devices.

Often, security personnel get so involved looking for high tech surveillance devices that they overlook very basic sources of ‘leaks’, as simple as an individual placing a ‘memory stick’ on the outside wall of the office. Sound can be transmitted outside the room by vibrations through windows, walls / plumbing, ductwork, etc. and picked up by microphones outside the target area.

The physical inspection is therefore of the utmost importance and must be taken very seriously. All furniture and fittings must be thoroughly inspected.

From time to time whilst carrying out security surveys, we have been asked “Can office digital phone systems be compromised?” The answer is? Yes. To do a satisfactory (TSCM) Electronic Countermeasures Sweep, it takes more than one or two pieces of equipment. There is no such thing as a ‘secret weapon’ or one ‘magical’ piece of equipment.

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We conduct Super Yacht TSCM inspections for our security conscious clients.