Hazards & Devices

Some of the devices in these catalogues are so simple to construct that even a 12 year old child could assemble them. These catalogues are readily available from most electronic stores.

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Pen transmitters such as these are usually left behind as throw away items. However, today there are specially designed pens that transmit audio and video. Technology has now advanced to where some cell phones and even a computer mouse have been modified with built in transmitters to monitor conversations.

The receiver for this next device is actually the watch. This gives the operator the ability to move quite freely near the target area. A small tape recorder can be attached to the watch and be concealed in the operator’s shirt pocket.

This is a type of Fibre Optic device. Whilst looking quite cumbersome, it is very effective and very hard to detect. The clear tube is actually connected to the microphone.

This photograph shows how easy it is to hide a device in a telephone rack.

Some more incidents of how easy it's been for people to disguise bugs in everyday devices e.g. double adaptor for power and two way connection for phone units. One of the most efficient methods used to defeat TSCM ‘sweepers’ is to use what is known as a double modulation system.

This encrypted micro transmitting device contains a scramble (encryption board). It has a dedicated receiver, ear piece and connecting cable for use with a voice activated, reduced speed recorder.

Generally most people believe that if they are ‘out of range’ of eaves dropping devices, their conversations are safe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Using similar computer technology that allows visual enhancement of pictures taken in outer space, audio information may now be enhanced and recorded, to give crystal clear conversations.

In other words, there may be one or two closed doors between you and the ‘device’ and yet it is still possible to monitor or record your private conversations.

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Hazards & Devices


Electronic spy surveillance (bugs) have never been more accessible than they are today, undermining your privacy at home...



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