Why de-bugging?

Could YOU be bugged?

De bugging, Bug Sweeps, whatever you call it, electronic spy surveillance (bugs) have never been more accessible to the public than they are today, undermining your privacy at both home and your business.

  • Are you or your business involved in litigation or lawsuits, even as a witness?
  • Does your business have stock which is publicly traded?
  • Is your business having union problems or negotiations?
  • Is your business losing confidential information?
  • Is your business having closed door financial dealings?
  • Are you or is your business involved in any insurance claims?
  • Is your business facing financial problems or disputes with partners?
  • Has a business partner just left under suspicious circumstances?
  • Have you recently separated or divorced your business partner?
  • Does your business deal with Research and Development?
  • Is your business involved in a highly competitive market?
  • Do you or someone close to you serve the Public Office?

Always remember anyone with Money, influence, power or access to classified, or sensitive information is at risk. Never forget the original target the buggers may be after may not always be you but a client or associate of yours. You may never have considered that here in New Zealand you could ever be the victim of electronic espionage, but it happens, and for the sake of your businesses and your personal peace of mind, you should always ensure that your business, home, vehicles (including boats and planes) are secure and BUG FREE. Call us but please do not use a phone you suspect could be compromised or is located in the target area you are concerned about.

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Electronic spy surveillance (bugs) have never been more accessible than they are today, undermining your privacy at home...



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